Disneyland Baby Centers

Disneyland is a place for everyone, and at
Disneyland, they have thought of everything –
including the babies. The Disneyland Baby Center
is located on Main Street, behind the Plaza Inn.
This is not a babysitting service. Instead, it is a place
where you can attend to your babies needs.

There are several characters present in this area,
and their purpose there is not only to amuse your
baby, but also to help you attend to your baby’s
needs. This area has rockers, where you can rock
and breast feed your baby. No men are allowed in
this room, but they are allowed in other rooms within
the Baby Center. You can warm a bottle or a jar of
food, and clean bottles as necessary. Baby changing
tables are available, and the entire center is very
clean and comfortable. There are even smaller toilets
for children who are being potty trained.

You can also purchase emergency baby supplies at
the Baby Center. Diapers cost about a dollar each,
and several different types of formula and baby food
are kept in supply, although the selections are l
imited. This is Disneyland’s way of making sure that
the needs of every guest – no matter how small they
may be – are attended to.

Disneyland and Disabilities

Even if you are confined to a wheelchair or on
crutches, you can still enjoy Disneyland. If you are
on crutches, you should consider renting a
Disneyland Scooter to get around the park. The
rental fee is $35 per day, with a $20 deposit. A valid
driver’s license is required, and you must be
eighteen years old or older.

You can also choose to rent a wheelchair, which is
not electronic. The rental fee for a wheelchair is $8
per day, with a $20 deposit. You do not have to rent
your wheelchair or Scooter from Disneyland. You can
choose to rent the apparatus from a private company,
and have the wheelchair or scooter delivered to your
hotel room. You may find that it is cheaper to rent
from a private company, as opposed to renting from

All of the restaurants and shops are wheelchair
accessible, as are the entertainment areas. When it
comes to wheelchairs, your problem will be
accessing some of the rides. Some rides are not
appropriate for people who are in wheelchairs,
while others are perfectly suitable. For instance, you
will not be able to enjoy Donald’s Boat, Sailing Ship,
or Tarzan’s Tree house.

However, there are many attractions that you can
enjoy, such as The Disney Gallery, Disneyland
Monorail, the Disneyland Railroad, the Tiki Room,
The Golden Horseshoe, It’s A Small World, Mark
Twain Riverboat, and Tom Sawyer Island. Some
attractions will require you to be transferred from your
wheelchair, such as Alice in Wonderland, Indiana
Jones, and the King Arthur Carrousel.

Cast members and service personnel will be happy
to help with Guest wheelchair transfers, and if you
should lose a wheelchair or scooter that you’ve rented
from Disneyland, simply show the ticket for the
wheelchair or scooter, and Disneyland will happily
supply you with another one. However, if you lose a
wheelchair or scooter that was rented from an outside
company, Disneyland will not be able to help you
replace it, and you may have to pay the rental company
the full value of the chair. This is something to consider
when you are trying to decide whether to rent from
Disneyland or a private company.

Whether you can enjoy a ride in your wheelchair, or
you must be transferred from your wheelchair to the
ride, you can actually enjoy most of the rides at
Disneyland. Do not allow the fact that you can’t walk
around the park keep you from planning a Disneyland
Vacation. Again, Disneyland was designed with
everyone in mind!

Disney Dollars and Disneyland Merchandise Cards

When it comes to kids and money, we all know what
happens. The money either gets spent the wrong way,
or it gets lost. With Disney Dollars and Disneyland
Merchandise cards, you may be able to cut down on
some of this.

Disney Dollars work just like cash at Disneyland.
They can be used anywhere in the park, and at
certain hotels. They can even be used at local
Disney stores in your area. The Disneyland
Merchandise Card works more like a credit card. The
amount of money you load on the card is how much
is available. All of this fits quite nicely into the
FreePass holder, so there will be less chance of
losing the dollars or the card.

You can also purchase a Disneyland Resort Gift
Card. This card can only be used at the Disney
Resorts, as well as stores that accept credit cards
at Disneyland. These cards also make great gift
items for anyone who loves Disneyland, or for
anyone who is planning a trip to Disneyland. This is
a great way to budget money for souvenirs as well
as snack items while at Disneyland.

Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year
for a child. Spending the happiest time of the year,
at the happiest place on earth, could be a dream
that comes true for many children and adults.
Christmas at Disneyland is an experience that will
never be forgotten, and can never be matched.

Disneyland works to make Christmas very special.
Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is especially fun, allowing
children to decorate Christmas cookies with Mrs.
Clause, play Reindeer Games, and make holiday
souvenirs. Between seeing all of the characters
dressed up in their holiday costumes and enjoying
the ‘snow’ after the Fireworks, Christmas at
Disneyland cannot be topped!

Make sure that you visit the Christmas Shoppe and
buy a special holiday ornament. Also, take part in
all of the special holiday rides. Visiting Disneyland
at Christmas time is unlike any other Disneyland
vacation you will ever take. Make sure you get a
picture of the Christmas tree!

Even though Christmas is considered to be
‘off-season’ you should be prepared for crowds.
Christmas is a very popular time to visit
Disneyland. Make reservations well in advance.

Celebrate Birthdays At Disneyland

If you want to celebrate your birthday, or the birthday
of a child at Disneyland, you can easily do this – and
it doesn’t even have to be done on the exact date of
birth! Start celebrating by going to City Hall, which is
located in Town Square, upon your arrival to
Disneyland. Here, you will receive a Birthday Sticker
or button. This sticker tells everyone on at Disneyland
that you are to receive special treatment.

On your birthday celebration day, make sure that
you eat in one of the full service restaurants, and that
you order the Birthday Bucket. It will be full of
Disney treats, and it includes a cake. This costs
around twenty dollars. Eat breakfast at Goofy’s
Kitchen and you can get a Birthday Bag for five

There are many ways to enjoy your birthday at
Disneyland. You will receive special treatment from
all of the Disney Characters in the park. This can be
a memorable birthday celebration for you or your
child – so make sure you take lots of pictures, and
don’t be shy about telling people who work at the
park that it is your birthday – if they don’t notice
your sticker!